There is a new fly infesting the Northeast United States, and even though it may look pretty, it is not a bug that you want to mess around with. This invasive fly destroys fruit trees and common crops and goes after other types of plants leaving behind its toxic wastes. Called the spotted lanternfly, this is one bug you will want to keep an eye out for this summer.

What Does a Spotted Lanternfly Look Like?

Originally native to Asia, the spotted lanternfly popped up in 2014 in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and New Jersey according to the Maryland Department of Agriculture. While one has not been found in Maryland yet, it is likely only a matter of time until the pest shows up.

An adult spotted lanternfly is about 2.5cm in length with a black body. Its prominent feature is its wings which are white, red, and spotted black. It tends to show up sometime in July and then stay active until winter sets in.

Why is the Spotted Lanternfly a Problem?

The main problem with the spotted lanternfly is that its very presence leads to the destruction of a wide range of trees and plants such as almond trees, blueberry bushes, maple trees, willow trees, apple trees, grape vines, plum trees, cucumber plants, pine trees, and more. When they feed on plants they suck fluids out from the leaves or stems damaging the plant or tree and stunting its growth. As it eats, the spotted lanternfly also leaves behind a very sugary substance that turns to mold and ruins the plant.

What Should I Do if I See a Spotted Lanternfly in Maryland?

If you see a spotted lanternfly in Maryland, the Department of Agriculture asks that you try to trap it and then call them. Should this pest or others damage your trees it is time to call in a professional. When you need a tree service in Lutherville MD, or the surrounding areas, Keil Tree Experts is here to help. We offer a wide array of services including insect and disease management, tree pruning, stump removal, and more. We will come out and survey your property to judge the extent of infestation. Contact us today for a free estimate.