There are various tree pests in our area that will harm your trees. Unfortunately, sometimes the damage is too much, and the weakened tree will likely need to be removed. If you need tree removal in Baltimore County, call the professionals at Keil Tree Experts. Read on to learn more about the pests you may see in your trees.

Common Pests and the Damage They Cause

Ambrosia Beetles

They are small beetles that attack healthy trees within 3 feet of the ground. First, their damage appears as wilting and then it progresses to dieback. You may notice boring dust, tiny holes in the bark or sap oozing from the bark.

Since they favor stressed trees, it’s important to maintain their health by watering them during dry periods. Once these beetles have been bored into the trees, you will have to remove it.

Eriophyid Mites

They are very small and white or yellow with four legs. These mites spend the winter in bark crevices and under bud scales and there are several generations a year. While some of them feed on leaves causing the foliage to turn olive-tan, others cause leaf galls.

Check for a change in leaf color and bud abnormalities. Mites shed white skin, so keep an eye out for that, too. They can be controlled and prevented with a horticulture oil.

Gypsy Moth

As caterpillars, they defoliate trees. They are black, hairy, and the wind carries them from tree to tree. The first outbreak of them lasts anywhere from five to fifteen years.

Gypsy moth damage looks like holes in leaves. They cause stress to the tree which then leaves it susceptible root rot and other forms of pest infestations.


They have a thick black body, orange wings, and are one and one-half inches long. When cicadas are young, they feed the sap of tree roots, cause flagging, and can kill young trees.

Tree Removal in Baltimore County: Keil Tree Experts

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