At Keil Tree Experts we provide many services for your trees, including tree removal in Ashland, Hunt Valley and all over Baltimore County. When it is time to plant new trees, we recommend planting to not only enhance the appeal of your home, but also make it cooler. Trees provide a cooling effect with their shade, minimizing the heat in your property, especially during the hot, sunny, summer days. If you are looking for a landscaping upgrade, consider planting trees that will provide ample shade to your home.

Excellent Shade Providing Trees

Live Oak Tree

The live oak tree is one of the fastest-growing oak trees in the world. It can grow up to 60ft tall and about 100ft wide when mature. When it reaches maturity, it has an umbrella-like canopy providing plenty of shade. It is an evergreen tree as well as a drought-tolerant but requires regular watering when first planted.

Weeping Willow Tree (Salix babylonica)

This tree grows extremely fast and can double or triple in size about two to three years. They can grow to about 50-60ft. tall and about 30-40 ft. wide. They have long pendular type limbs that hang low, giving it that “weeping” look. The leaves are small and narrow but numerous, which is ideal for shade. It is one of the first trees to leaf out during early spring and one of the last to lose it leaves in late fall.

Golden Rain Tree

Scientifically known as Koelreuteria paniculata, the Golden Rain Tree is a unique species. This is because it grows fast and blooms its greenish-yellow flowers in mid to late summer, which is very unlike most other trees. It also produces a thick, full canopy sufficient for shade. They need well-drained soil but can adapt to different soil conditions.

Tree Removal in Ashland? Contact Keil Tree Experts

To reap all of the cooling benefits that shade trees offer, you need to keep your trees healthy. The best way to do this is to make sure they  are properly pruned and checked regularly by a professional tree service company such as Keil Tree Experts. At Keil, we excel at tree pruning, hedge pruning, ornamental work, insects spraying, weed removal, log removal, lot clearing, deep root fertilizing and tree removal in Ashland and all over the Baltimore area. Our main goal is to help you take good care of the shade trees so that they offer you what you are looking for; that wonderful element of shade.  Contact us today!