Trees are beautiful creations of nature. During the cold weather many trees lose their leaves. Therefore, you may be wondering what happens to your trees during winter, and how they survive in the bitter cold. As a tree service in Baltimore MD, trees are our passion. We have a lot of respect and admiration for their astonishing abilities to flourish and stay alive when the odds are against them. Find out exactly what happens to trees during the cold season.

Can trees freeze when it gets too cold?

Luckily, it is incredibly rare for trees to freeze even during the most brutal winter season. They undergo dormancy, which is a process similar to hibernation for animals, in order to keep their cells alive. During this dormancy, processes like energy consumption, metabolism, and cell growth slow down in order to conserve energy.

What happens when there is a period of warm weather during the winter?

Did you know that trees can get frostbite? During late winter or early spring, the warmer weather causes trees to emerge from dormancy. It becomes problematic if they begin to actively grow or produce leaves or fruit too early and the weather turns cold again. Frostbite is visible on trees or plants as brown or black flowers, buds, leaves, or fruit. New leaves and shoots often twist, curl, or wilt in frost conditions. In such a scenario, don’t try and remove the ice from your trees, it may cause further damage.

Pruning during the fall, before winter, reduces the risk of injury to a tree due to a storm. However, if any portion of the crown of the tree is destroyed during a storm or if it has any broken branches or if the tree is leaning, contact the nearest tree service in Baltimore MD.

Is your tree unhealthy? Consult our tree service in Baltimore MD

It is quite common for individuals to harm trees when attempting DIY tree care. We at Keil Tree Experts offer professional tree service in Baltimore MD. Our trained team of arborists provides services such as tree pruning, tree and stump removal, root fertilizing, log removal, spraying for insects, disease care and much more. If you have any questions about your trees or our services, get in touch with us. We are more than happy to help.