You care for your lawn and landscaping for the aesthetic it provides your home. If your property includes mature trees, they add beauty season after season. Though mature trees are strong and powerful, they may need a little more care compared to younger trees. Keil Tree Experts cares for all trees, young and old. If you have questions about mature tree care or tree trimming in Towson, Timonium or the Baltimore area, please read on.

Some Tips for Caring for Mature Trees

Here are a few tips for caring for your mature trees:

Tree Trimming: One of the most important things you can do to care for a mature tree is to conduct regular tree trimming. Removing dead or diseased branches from the canopy will maintain your mature tree’s health and appearance.

Preventative Sprays: You should also use preventative sprays to prevent or eliminate wood-boring insects that can infest, damage, or even kill trees. Consult a professional to know which sprays to use and in what quantities.

Watering: You should not over-water your trees. A mature tree only needs to be watered once a month.

Mulch: Spreading an even layer of mulch in a wide circle around the tree will significantly benefit the tree’s health. The mulch insulates the tree’s roots and discourages foot traffic around the tree. The mulch should not be piled up against the bark as that can lead to rot. The best type of mulch is natural, typically made up of wood chips.

Don’t Hang Things: While it may be tempting to install a swing for your kids, don’t choose the mature tree for this. The rope used to hang things can damage the bark on the branch and cause it to break.

Regular Professional Inspection: A professional inspection of your trees looks for early signs of issues. Catching problems early on will allow your tree to live longer.

Keil Tree Experts for Tree Trimming in Towson and Beyond

You can call the professionals at Keil Tree Experts to handle the inspection of your mature trees. For those looking for tree trimming in Towson or the surrounding area, Keil Tree Experts are the number one choice. Our staff can handle any tree services you may need, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. For more details on the services offered by Keil Tree Experts, click here to contact us.