Native species

Diversity of Trees Highlighted in Long Experiment

2017-01-06T15:05:36-05:00May 20th, 2016|Conservation, Informative, Maintenance, Native species, Tree Species|

The Chesapeake Bay is obviously a huge feature of Maryland, offering a lot of benefits to various fields.  People tend to take more from the Bay than they give back, and as a result there is pollution and are dwindling species.  Fortunately, nature is there for nature even when we aren't.  An experiment that began [...]

Warm Winter Weather Wakes up Plants

2017-01-06T15:05:36-05:00January 22nd, 2016|Native species, Weather|

It would be impossible not to notice the weather, how it was unseasonably warm all across the country and particularly on the East Coast in December.  This may have made a lot of people happy, but it was confusing and damaging to many plants, especially those who weren't used to such a change and which [...]

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