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Enhancing Health, Beauty, and Safety with Expert Tree Pruning

2023-08-24T01:44:41-05:00August 15th, 2023|Pruning, pruning fruit trees|

Trees are more than just landscape elements—they're living organisms that contribute to the essence of the community. Proper tree care is essential to maintaining the health, safety, and aesthetic appeal of these natural wonders. Among the various tree care practices, tree pruning stands out as a key technique that promotes growth, prevents hazards, and transforms [...]

Tree Cabling and Bracing-What’s the Big Deal?

2022-04-30T19:16:23-05:00April 30th, 2022|pruning fruit trees, Tree Care|

Keil Tree Experts are the leading tree bracing company in Baltimore County. Arborists install cables and bracing rods to maintain the structure of trees. This is important as in older and larger trees, the weight of the canopy can be impacted by storms, wet foliage or snowfall. This puts undue pressure on the tree resulting [...]

Pruning a Fruit Tree

2022-04-29T20:28:06-05:00April 29th, 2022|pruning fruit trees, Tree Care|

How to Prune Fruit Trees in Baltimore Picking ripe fruit from a tree or berry bush is one of the ultimate pleasures of the summertime. However, you must prune your trees and bushes to reap those sweet rewards. Here's what you need to know about pruning fruit trees in Baltimore. Fruit Pruning - What Is [...]

Fruit Tree Planted by the Pilgrims Still Alive Today!

2018-10-26T17:51:21-05:00November 16th, 2018|pruning fruit trees|

You may have heard of the Endicott Pear Tree. It stands in Danvers, Massachusetts, and you wouldn't know it to look at it, but it's almost 400 years old! In fact, it's thought to be the oldest cultivated fruit tree in North America. How does a tree live that long? The right conditions and a [...]

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