Trees and shrubs add beauty to the landscape and to maintain their appearance, it’s important to keep them healthy. To protect your trees from undernourishment, consider direct root fertilization. The professionals at Keil Tree Experts perform this task as well as a wide variety of tree services. If you need tree pruning, direct root fertilizing, or tree removal in Parkville MD, or anywhere in the area, please read on.

The Benefits of Direct Root Fertilizing

Trees and shrubs need direct root fertilization to keep them well nourished. Since they take in nutrients through the soil their health declines when they do not receive adequate nutrients. However, after applying fertilizer flowers and trees thrive in the properly nourished soil.

Direct root fertilizing adds the nutrients and microorganisms directly into the root zone of the shrubs and trees. When it comes to mature trees and large shrubs, this is necessary because they are looking for the nutrients deep below the soil and without it, their health will decline. Directly infusing nutrients prevents stress that weakens the plants. Balanced, scheduled root-feeding improves the state of the trees and shrubs.

The benefits of direct root fertilizing include improved flowering, resistance to disease and pests, faster growing roots, resistance to inclement weather, and increased lifespan of the trees and shrubs. If a tree develops damage from insects, disease, or harsh winter weather, direct root fertilizing helps it recover.

The Process of Direct Root Fertilizing

Direct root fertilizing does not require that the trees or shrubs are unearthed. Rather, a specific liquid formula is injected deeply into the soil and the surrounding area. The expert arborist will know where soil is deficient allowing them to mix in the appropriate nutrients to use on the soil. This type of fertilization promotes root cell division and repair as the plants immediately absorb the nutrients.

Keil Tree Experts: Provide Tree Removal in Parkville MD

For tree services and tree removal in Parkville MD and all over the Baltimore area, contact the Keil Tree Experts. We provide your greenery with proper nutrients and keep them thriving all year long. Additionally, we provide stump removal, safety pruning, cabling and bracing, and emergency tree removal.