The pruning technique known as tree crown thinning offers various benefits to the tree. However, please note this kind of pruning should never be a DIY project! Improper pruning leads to damage or disease. If you need a professional tree service in Ashland, discover Keil Tree Experts. We safely and expertly perform tree crown thinning and many other tree services.

What is Tree Crown Thinning?

Tree crown thinning maintains a tree’s health by removing dead branches, regulating growth and/or improving flowers or fruit. It’s the most common type of pruning for mature trees and it does not alter the size or shape of the tree.

Tree crown thinning involves the removal of a small portion of branches, usually from the outer crown which produces an evenly spaced branch structure. The entire canopy can be thinned as well.

Crown thinning is mainly performed on trees with a restricted root zone due to urban structures such as streets and buildings. Additionally, trees in open or windy areas benefit from thinning as well.

Benefits of Tree Crown Thinning

Thinning a tree’s crown increases light penetration allowing the interior branches to thrive. Plus, it encourages the tree to grow better in areas with less light and reduces the tree’s weight. A thinner top allows more air to pass through the tree which helps the tree to resist storm damage and it adds elegance to the tree.

After thinning the outside of the canopy, it is thinner but the interior remains the same. If the tree is not thinned by a professional and too many lower branches are removed this can lead to the start of health problems for the tree. This mistake is called lion-tailing and results in damaged bark tissue and weakened branch structure.

Keil Tree Experts: Tree Service in Ashland

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