Seeing a stately tree in a park or a forest is an incredible sight. The sheer size and history of these incredible organisms are enough to take your breath away. Some stretch back hundreds of years, and passerby can often be seen guessing at the age of oak, maple, and pine trees. While local trees offer an incredible piece of history for the modern viewer, there is one tree in the United States that outdates them all: Pando.

Strength in Numbers

Pando, located in the Fishlake National Forest in Utah, and named in 1992, is not simply a single tree. Dating back about 80,000 years, the 106-acre colony of quaking aspen trees has reproduced for thousands of centuries. Using a complex system, the colony shares its roots underground, allowing new trees to grow from the same roots that have stayed safely hidden under the earth. In the event of wildfires, the roots remain alive and allow new sprouts to grow. Throughout the years wildfires have eliminated the quaking aspen’s main competitor for space: the conifer.

The End of An Era

Still, Pando’s stately glory is on the decline. Research teams have discovered that the forest is slowly dying due to factors such as human intrusion, drought, and grazing animals. Pando has had difficulty producing new trees and sprouts when some die, so the number of trees in the colony has slowly dwindled. Conservation efforts of small areas have proven successful and show promise, so saving Pando may still be possible.

Professional Tree Removal in Phoenix: Keil Tree Experts

While efforts to revive Pando have been the focus of scientists and the general public alike, the same can’t often be said for dying trees in most backyards. Dying and dead trees can pose a threat in both urban and suburban areas, especially when storms and power lines are involved. Thus, removal is often necessary. Keil Tree Experts are always ready to help keep your home, garden, or commercial property looking its best. Tree removal, tree pruning, and treating diseased or infected trees is our area of expertise, and we’re always ready to offer our services. Contact us for more information on tree removal in Phoenix and for a free estimate today!