Emerald Ash Borers are an invasive pest that poses a serious threat to Maryland ash trees. To date, these insects have been responsible for killing millions of ash trees all across the Eastern U.S. and Mid-West. It’s estimated the species came to Prince George’s County in 2003 and was infecting ash trees on the Eastern Shore by 2015. If you believe your ash tree has an Emerald Ash Borer infestation, Keil Tree Experts provide professional tree removal in Cockeysville MD and the Baltimore area.

What Problems Do Emerald Ash Borers Bring On?

Emerald Ash Borers are incredibly harmful and typically kill an ash tree within three years of the infestation. The most typical symptom of an infestation is the very top of the tree will thin and turn black. Other symptoms to watch out for include small exit holes that are D-shaped. This is where adult Emerald Ash Borers have exited the bark. Additionally, look for vertical splits in the bark and serpentine-shaped tunnels beneath the bark as this is where larvae have taken over the food and water source from the tree and have started to starve the tree to death.

How to Avoid and Treat for Emerald Ash Borers

If you have ash trees, you should start pre-treatment in March. Consult this guide for a list of effective and safe insecticides you can use to protect your ash trees against Emerald Ash Borers.

However, if an infestation has already occurred, the tree should be removed immediately. An infestation is difficult to reverse, the damage to the tree is likely already too significant, and there is a risk that the infestation can spread to nearby Ash trees. Use a professional company to come and remove the tree. For those looking for tree removal in Cockeysville MD and the surrounding area, Keil Tree Experts are your top choice.

If you have an infestation in a tree, don’t wait too long or try to remove the tree yourself. The dead tree has likely weakened significantly. Many professional companies will not climb a tree that has been dead for more than six months and will have to bring in additional equipment, which can be costly. It’s cost-effective to call the professionals to remove the tree as soon as possible.

Tree Removal in Cockeysville MD: Keil Tree Experts

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