Towering oak trees are not only beautiful, but they are essential for the environment. In Maryland these trees clean our air and water and provide food and shelter for animals. Sadly, these trees sadly can fall victim to oak wilt. Oak wilt is caused by a fungus spread by beetles moving from a diseased tree to a healthy tree. Oak wilt kills both young and mature trees and the trees must be removed. If you suspect that one of your trees is diseased and you need tree removal in Baltimore County, call the professionals from Keil Tree Experts.

How To Prevent Oak Wilt

To prevent oak wilt, it is best not to prune your oak tree during the growing season (April to July). Sap beetles that can potentially carry the oak wilt fungus are attracted to open wounds on a tree. If a storm damages your oak tree, it is best to remove all broken branches. Additionally, you should immediately seal all the open wounds with a tree sealing dressing.

An oak tree suffering from oak wilt displays brown leaves or suddenly drops many of its leaves, including green leaves. Some trees will die as soon a few weeks to two months after symptoms appear and generally all trees suffering from oak wilt die within a year.

What Should You Do When You Suspect Oak Wilt

Once you have identified the presence of oak wilt, there is little chance of saving the tree. There are currently no effective fungicides on the market that are proven to work on oak wilt. Instead, the best plan of action is to remove the tree and its roots. This action stops the fungus from spreading to nearby trees. Remove the tree roots at least two to four feet deep.

A professional tree service company should handle your tree removal. It can be a difficult job to remove the deep roots, and you do not want to risk the fungus spreading to nearby trees. Furthermore, cutting down a large, mature tree is best handled by an expert.

Tree Removal in Baltimore County: Keil Tree Experts

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