Most everyone wants to have trees in their yard and it isn’t hard to see why. They can be beautiful, provide shade or fruit, play host to flowers and animals, and allow for the ideal aesthetic to a lawn. There’s more to it, of course… and there are also some dangers that come with those trees. If you know how to prevent trees from falling on or near your home, though, then you can enjoy the benefits without the risks.

Tips to Help to Prevent Trees from Falling

One of the most common causes of fallen trees is extreme weather. Rain may loosen the roots, for example, while wind blows them over from the top. Snow might freeze the branches, causing the weight to snap them off and send them plummeting. Thunderstorms may bring lightning that damages the tree enough to knock it down. Whatever the case, this is something that happens everywhere and so it poses a serious danger for those who live surrounded by trees.

All the same, you can prevent trees from falling in order to avoid these potentially-harmful situations. Scheduling regular maintenance, inspections, pruning, trimming, and more allows for your trees to be in the best and healthiest condition possible. A professional arborist will be able to assess the state of things right away and offer advice, suggestions, and services that will help your trees to keep standing strong. He or she will examine the trees for things like age, disease, infestation, and any other factors that might increase the threat of them falling over.

Once you have that assessment, you’ll be able to make whatever decision you deem necessary. Keep in mind that damage as a result of a fallen tree will cost much, much more than some regular maintenance or tree care services, and that any harm to your (or others’) person is possible in these extreme weather scenarios. Taking precautionary measures is the best way to keep everyone safe.

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