During the winter our tree service in Parkville MD is primarily focused on pruning. Late winter is a great time to prune deciduous trees as well as some types of shrubs. Pruning trees is essential for promoting regrowth in the spring. Since all of the foliage is gone, winter pruning is a good time to shape trees and shrubs to your liking. With regular pruning, you can ensure optimum growth and even prevent damage from falling limbs.

Pruning for Tree Health

Dead limbs need to be pruned from trees and shrubs. Removing the dead limbs promotes regrowth, ensuring that your planting stays lush and healthy. Allowing rotting limbs to remain in place can detract from overall tree health. Moreover, dying and dead limbs can easily be dislodged during seasonal storms and heavy winds. Falling limbs can damage other parts of the tree and, if close to your home or commercial structure, can damage buildings or even vehicles. While many property owners perform their own lower-limb pruning, it’s a good idea to contact professionals to tackle limbs that are higher up to ensure safety.

Keep Your Property Looking Its Best

Dying tree and shrub limbs will detract from the look of your residential or commercial property. By hiring a professional service to prune your trees and shrubs, you can ensure terrific curb appeal and keep your landscape looking healthy and well maintained. We can also inspect your trees and shrubs for signs of disease. During the winter months, many diseases that attack trees and shrubs also go dormant, which is why this season is a great time to inspect and deal with them, particularly as there is no foliage to obscure these chores.

Keil Tree Experts specializes in tree service in Parkville MD. During the winter season, we’re often busy pruning fir and spruce trees as well as many types of deciduous plantings. We also offer a full spectrum of residential and commercial tree services. From insect management to tree removal, we have the experienced crews and equipment needed to maintain your landscape for optimum health. Contact us to schedule your appointment or to learn more about our services.

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