Trees are such a beautiful addition to any landscape. They offer shade, cleaner air and beauty without demanding anything in return. However, treating a tree disease can be an arduous job. It can also be a costly one, especially if the treated tree ends up dying despite your best efforts. Knowing how to handle a tree disease like needle cast disease, for instance, can mean saving your tree or needing to remove it completely. Should you discover a tree on your property in need of care, Keil Tree Experts are here to help. We provide tree care and tree removal in Parkville and the Baltimore area.

Evergreen Needle Cast Disease

It is likely that you have never heard of evergreen needle cast disease. The first thing you need to know is that here are several types of this disease. However, all the damage is caused by fungi infecting the needles of trees. There are four fungi in Maryland that strike our area pine trees:

  • Lophodermium needle cast causes the needles from the previous year to turn brown and fall from the tree.
  • Ploioderma needle cast produces a repeated and spreadable infection by turning the tips of the needles brown and remaining on the tree to produce spore spreading fruity bodies.
  • Cyclaneusma needle cast makes the needles turn a yellowish color. These infected needles do not immediately fall off the tree and can produce infected fruit bodies either on the tree needle itself or on needles that have already been shed.
  • Rhizosphearia needle cast causes the needles of the previous year to turn a distinguishable purple color when spring comes around. Black fungal bodies will appear in rows along the needle and will cause incoming needles to turn purple by mid-summer. These infected needles will oftentimes fall from the tree, leaving bare, twig-like branches throughout the tree.

Learning to identify and treat different types of needle cast disease can be difficult. If you suspect that your trees are suffering from one these diseases, you need to call in an expert.

Professional Tree Removal in Parkville

Making sure your trees are treated properly, effectively and efficiently is the goal of the staff at Keil Tree Experts. We help you manage all your tree needs and can direct you to the most effective treatment options for needle cast disease and any other issues you may be having.

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