Trimming your trees is vital to ensure healthy growth. Cutting away diseased, damaged, or dead limbs helps prevent decay, damaging organisms, and insects from entering the rest of the tree, thus keeping it healthy and in good condition. However, trimming a tree is not something you should do without proper training. Doing so can damage the tree or, worse yet, result in an injury from a falling limb. When you need tree trimming in Baltimore, the professionals at Keil Tree Experts are here to help.

Tree Trimming Promotes Better Tree Health

Regular tree trimming is beneficial to most trees. Once a tree is trimmed, air circulates better through the tree and the underlying landscape, which improves the tree’s health. Proper trimming also prevents limbs from crossing each other or competing for space at the crown of the tree. A newly trimmed tree enjoys better sun exposure increasing photosynthesis, thus improving the foliage and growth.

Removal of dead and dying tree branches help prevent further decay. Additionally, dead limbs are often dangerous as they may fall onto your home or car. Eliminating them minimizes the risks of harm to your family and damage to your property. Trimming also prevents the development of weak and broad branches.

Springtime Tree Trimming in Baltimore

The proper time to prune a tree is dependent on what time of the year it blooms. If a tree flowers after midsummer, it is best to prune it in the spring. Apple, cherry, peach, and plum trees benefit from a spring pruning.  For trees that bloom in the winter, spring, or early summer, you should prune them soon after they flower. Examples of these trees include lilacs and rhododendrons.

If you have questions about what time of the year is best to trim your trees, it is best to call a professional. At Keil Tree Experts our mission is to properly care for your trees, promoting healthy, beautiful trees. We provide a wide range of services including tree trimming in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. If you need residential or commercial tree removal, stump removal, insect and disease management, and more, click here for a free estimate.