tree trimming in Lutherville MD

Expert Tree Trimming by Keil

2020-07-13T21:16:56-05:00July 22nd, 2020|Tree Trimming|

Pruning trees is necessary for many reasons. These reasons include trimming trees that have formed branch unions, branches that are crossing each other or dead limbs that need to be eliminated. Trimming allows for more room for new branches to sprout. Additionally, trees might need trimming if the branches have grown too low. If branches [...]

Identifying Black Knot Fungus

2019-11-26T15:09:19-05:00November 27th, 2019|Tree diseases|

Black knot fungus is a widespread fungal disease (Apiosporina morbosa) that hinders the growth of trees and leads to their deterioration. Developing slowly, the fungus takes about a season to show its effect on the tree. The fungus will produce swellings, or galls, on branches which can be infested by insects and other plant diseases. [...]

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