Much of tree care is keeping pests, disease, and other problems away in order to keep it healthy and thriving. However, there are a lot of these kinds of issues to deal with, and you may not have encountered all of them before. In this case, ants near your trees may pose a threat to its well-being, so read on in order to learn what to do about these little creatures.

Ants Come Marching, Impact Tree Care

This is a particularly tricky issue because not all ants are likely to damage your tree. In fact, some can actually help to keep it safe and are more of a boon than anything. However, of course, there is an exception to every rule. In this rule, there exist some species of ants that will do damage that may be irreparable: red imported fire ants and carpenter ants.

Fire ants are known to sting and can therefore cause damage not only to your tree, but to you, your family, and any living thing that goes near their hills. Carpenter ants will burrow into the trunk of your tree, though it’s important to remember that they will only do this if the wood is already rotting, so it’s more of a signal that the tree was previously in danger than anything. In either case, you should have an arborist take a look at the situation in order to get the best results geared toward your tree care.

Even harmless ants might find their way into your home and act as unwanted pests, so you should take note of any hills near your home or trees and determine from there whether or not a pro should look it over. A good DIY remedy for any ant-related problems is peppermint, which they hate, so mixing it with water and making a spray will safely steer them clear of your house, the bases of your trees, and more.

There are other ways that can ward off ants if they are a threat to your tree care, so do some research of your own to determine your options. If you want a second opinion, it’s always best to speak with someone who has some experience with pests. Don’t forget that you want to avoid damaging your tree with any anti-ant solution!

To get a recommendation as to how to deal with these invasive ants, or to have a pro arborist come and take care of the situation, get in touch with Keil Tree Experts and we will send one of our arborists out to your property to assess your needs.