If you’re looking around your property and wondering if your tree is going to die from old age, we have the answer for you. How long a tree can live depends on the species of trees. While some trees only live 40 or 50 years, there are trees that can live up to 5,000 years. In fact, the oldest tree in America is said to be a 4,800-year old bristlecone pine tree in California.

Many trees will not live out their full lifespan but will succumb to diseases, human lumbering, or perish from severe weather. If your tree is showing signs of disease, has been damaged, or seems like it’s already dead, it’s best to have the tree professionally removed. For those looking for tree removal in Baltimore and the surrounding areas, Keil Tree Experts is your top choice.

Why Trees Get Sick

Trees commonly die from diseases or lack of care. One of the most common reasons a tree gets sick is from environmental stress. This includes a water shortage, soil that is lacking in nutrients, excessive wind, and too much or not enough sunlight. As a homeowner, you can make fatal mistakes such as carelessly pruning branches, which opens a door for invaders to gain entry to the food-rich interior of the tree. Other common mistakes include soil compaction that chokes the trees’ roots or over-watering the roots, creating waterlogged soil.

Pests can eat or damage the tissue of the tree. Mites, such as spider mites, are a common tree pest that feed by sucking sap from tree tissue. Mites can destroy the appearance of trees, and sometimes, kill them.

Fungi typically only grow on trees that are already dead or dying. Some fungi can attack the roots of a tree, especially if the roots have already been weakened. Fungi are the only living things that can digest the tough structure of wood.

Trees, like any other living organism on the planet, are susceptible to bacteria, viruses, invasive species, and exotic diseases. If any of these situations have occurred, you’ll likely need to remove the tree. Keil Tree Experts offers tree removal in Baltimore.

Tree Removal in Baltimore: Keil Tree Experts

Keil Tree Experts has been providing tree removal in Baltimore for over 35 years. We are proudly family-owned and operated, and work on projects of all sizes. Along with tree removal, we provide services in tree pruning, young tree training, insect and disease management, cabling and bracing, stump removal, direct root fertilizing, bucket tree services, and commercial work. Click here to contact us today.