Mulch keeps your landscaping neater and weed-free. Additionally, when applied properly mulching can keep your trees healthy. Read on to learn tips for mulching your trees. And, should you have questions about the health of your trees, Keil Tree Experts are here to help. We are a professional tree service in Parkton, providing tree care and removal services all over the Baltimore area.

Benefits of Mulching

Proper application of mulch keeps your trees healthy. Mulching around your trees helps:

Provide Insulation Mulch protects roots from extreme temperatures. The soil will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer which protects roots.

Reduces Moisture Loss Water evaporates quickly from bare soil which can lead to root death. Mulch provides a layer that prevents sunlight from reaching the soil and stops evaporation. For this reason, mulched soil requires less watering in the warmer months.

Improves Soil As the mulch breaks down, it adds nutrients to the soil. It also increases the water-holding capacity of light or sandy soils. Mulch slowly releases nitrogen and phosphorus into the soil.

Prevents Erosion and Runoff Mulch prevents erosion by acting as a sponge, absorbing water and preventing runoff. Bare soil tends to break apart when impacted by wind or rain which makes water absorption difficult.

Reduces Root Competition Trees that are properly mulched don’t have to compete with other trees, shrubs or weeds for water and nutrients. Live plants can be used as mulch if they are compatible with tree roots. Some of these plants include:

  • Bulbs
  • Ferns
  • Wild Flowers
  • Ground Covers

Tips for Applying Mulch

Tree roots are protected from lawn mower damage when mulch is present. Mulch also adds a more natural appearance and is a great way to recycle yard waste. It benefits soil structure and fertility by providing a nurturing environment for earthworms and other organisms that are necessary for healthy soil. When you apply mulch, be sure to take the following steps to ensure your mulching is done correctly:

  • Clear away grass within a 3-foot area of the base of the tree (10-feet for larger trees)
  • Use 2-4 inches of natural wood chips and bark pieces
  • Prevent the mulch from touching the bottom of the tree

Looking for a Tree Service in Parkton?

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