Who doesn’t love spring? The weather warms up, the world bursts into color, and the trees turn green. Yards are filled with children playing, dogs leaping about, and smiling adults enjoying it all. The wonderful aroma of grilling foods fills the air.

Now take a closer look at the trees. There shouldn’t be brown spots along the veins or edges of the leaves. Twigs and young branches shouldn’t be split open. Nor should sticky-looking spores be on the buds of the young trees. If you notice any of these signs of tree disease, you need a tree service in Jacksonville to help. Keil Tree Experts services Baltimore County homes and businesses.

What Is Shade Tree Anthracnose?

Several common hard wood trees are susceptible to a fungus called Apiognomonia. The trees we depend upon for shade affected by the fungus include elm, oak, maple, hickory, ash, walnut, sycamore, and dogwood. The fungus releases spores onto the newly developing leaves. The disease flourishes in spring but worsens if spring weather remains cool and wet.

Cause of Shade Tree Anthracnose

Anthracnose is an umbrella name for several fungi in the same family. They live in diseased tissue in the tree and in fallen leaves. They are spread by wind and rain when new leaves are developing in spring.

Temperature is vital to the development of the fungi. When the leaves are forming and spring temperatures stay between 50℉ – 57℉ the disease will spread rapidly. Lower or higher spring temperatures tend to reduce the severity of the disease.

Signs And Symptoms Of Shade Tree Anthracnose

You’ll see dead leaf edges and tips, brown spots on and between leaf veins, leaves dying and falling off the tree, buds dying before they can blossom, twigs dying, and all this in the lower branches of the tree. If you use a magnifying glass, you’ll find small pimply growths beneath the leaves.

Fortunately, tree death won’t occur in spite of the disease, because trees will re-leaf by June. The best treatment is to call a tree service to trim back the dead twigs and leaves, leaving room for new growth.

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