Having trees in your yard not only creates beautiful scenery, but they can also provide welcome shade during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, trees can become a danger when they aren’t well maintained. Poorly maintained trees can become weak. Limbs may break off and damage your home when heavy winds blow. In order to care for your trees, it’s important to have a professional evaluate their health. If you need tree trimming in Phoenix, Baltimore or the surrounding areas, please read on.

Make Trees Healthier and Stronger by Trimming

When a tree has many limbs, it can be hard for all of them to get the nutrients that they need. Trimming the limbs can help a tree spread nutrients. Thinning branches and limbs allow for every inch of the tree to be healthy and strong. It’s best for trees to be trimmed on a regular basis to keep weak limbs to a minimal.

Tree Trimming Prevents the Spread of Disease

Many homeowners don’t realize that diseases can spread through a tree and cause it to become injured or even die. Bacterial leaf scorch is a common disease that can occur in shade trees in Maryland. Your tree may have this disease if leaves on the lower branches show irregular browning. Fortunately, with proper trimming it can be contained. When a tree starts to show signs of bacterial leaf scorch, the infected limbs need to be removed from the tree to prevent it from spreading.

Keil Tree Experts Offers Professional Tree Care

As a homeowner, it can be hard to diagnose the health of your trees. Thankfully the tree care specialists at Keil Tree Experts are here to help. We can send a specialist to your home to determine if there are any issues with your trees. We walk you through all available treatment plans to keep them looking great and staying as healthy as they can possibly be.

If you need professional tree trimming in Phoenix, Timonium, Baltimore or the surrounding areas, look no further. Family owned and operated for over 35 years, Keil Tree Experts services both residential and commercial clients. Contact us today for more information.