As fall approaches many homeowners are taking a look at their landscaping and thinking about how they should prepare for the winter season. Some people mistakenly think that fall is a good time for tree trimming in Jacksonville MD, or elsewhere in the Baltimore area. However, this actually does more harm than good. There is a common myth that leads homeowners to think that removing excess branches before winter will relieve weight and avoids storm damage, but in reality, this is not the case.

Why Can’t Your Prune During the Fall Months?

If you are not an enthusiastic gardener, the news that you shouldn’t prune shrubs or trim trees during the fall months should excite you. Put your pruners away, because you should not touch any plant during the fall months.

The first reason to skip pruning is because trimming trees or shrubs stimulates the plant to grow. During the fall, plants should be hunkering down and getting ready to go dormant, if new growth is sprouting instead, the plant will be weakened when winter hits. Envision the sap that comes out of the plant during the warmth of the day, and then at night when it freezes, the sap will get frozen back onto the plant causing damage.

Another reason to put the pruners down is to avoid the spread of fungi. During the fall decay fungi are busy spreading their spores, and if your trees have fresh cuts it will take them much longer to heal. Open cuts can allow the fungi to kill your trees.

When Should you Prune Your Trees and Shrubs?

If you want to prune, then you should wait until the spring months when trees are naturally starting to bloom and getting ready for the warm weather. This is the natural time to encourage your trees and shrubs to grow, and a great time to think about tree trimming in Jacksonville, MD.

Leave Tree Trimming in Jacksonville MD to the Experts

Before you start trimming on your own you may want to consult the experts to ensure that you are not doing any damage to your shrubs or trees. Tree trimming is a much more precise science than most backyard DIYers recognize. Each tree benefits from specific pruning techniques and will flourish on its own timetable. An experienced tree trimmer such as those at Keil Tree Experts is aware of these factors. At Keil Tree Experts we provide an array of services which include tree pruning, insect and disease management, root fertilizing, and more. Contact us for a free estimate before picking up the pruners!