If you discover holes in the trees on your property, do not ignore it. This could be the start of an issue that can lead to much bigger problems. There are a number of reasons why a tree may have holes in it, none of them good. Unfortunately, you may be dealing with an infestation that will continue to grow if you don’t take action soon. You’ll want to consult a professional to evaluate your trees. Because, in some cases, it is better to just remove the tree rather than try to get rid of the infestation as it can spread to even healthy trees nearby. If you need tree removal in Towson, or elsewhere in the area, look to the specialists at Keil Tree Experts.

Why You May be Seeing Holes in Trees

Birds or wood-boring insects are usually the culprits of tree holes. Tree holes can be the result of adult beetles making their way inside the tree to lay their eggs or beetles or moths creating exit holes to emerge out of the tree following pupation.

Some species of bark beetles emit an aggregation pheromone that will attract many more of these insects to the host tree. In addition, there are some species of bark beetles that carry fungal spores on their bodies that they transfer to a tree where it will continue to develop inside the wood.

Insects or Birds (Woodpeckers) That Damage Trees

Generally, there are two different bird types that create holes in trees: woodpeckers and sapsuckers. Woodpeckers create rough-edged, large, irregular holes while pecking away at the tree’s bark searching for insects to eat. However, sapsuckers feed on tree sap, rather than insects. They peck smaller holes in trees that are more uniform in size. Incidentally, the bigger problem is having an infestation of bark beetles damaging the trees.

Keil Tree Experts Provides a Wide Range of Services Including Tree Removal in Towson

Once bark beetles have attacked a tree, there isn’t much you can do to save it. Therefore, removing the tree is your best option. Keil Tree Experts can handle the job. Our professionals will remove the tree along with all the debris and will either dispose of it properly or leave it for you to use for firewood. Keil Tree Experts other services include, but are not limited to:

• Tree pruning

• Ornamental work

• Tree and stump removal

• Hedge and shrub pruning

• Log removal

• Lot clearing

• Deep root fertilizing

If you are looking for professional tree services like tree removal in Towson, and beyond, contact Keil Tree Experts today!