The world would be a barren, lifeless wasteland without trees. Trees process the oxygen we breathe, give us fruits and nuts, and provide shade. Unfortunately, not all trees are created equally. Some species are planted in an effort to provide great curb appeal only to result in problems down the road. Various trees, when planted too close, damage a home due to weak branches or become a nuisance with falling needles or fruits. The best solution is to remove these trees before damage occurs. Should you need require tree removal in Glencoe, or elsewhere in Baltimore County, contact Keil Tree Experts.

Read on for information about “undesirable” trees that you may consider removing:

Trees with Shallow, Soft Root Systems

Cottonwood: Soft wood makes the tree prone to insect infestations and rotting. Additionally, the shallow root system allows the tree to be vulnerable during storms.

White Birch: Unfortunately, this beautiful tree is susceptible to insect infestations. Its weak root systems make it a tree you don’t want too close to your house.

Leyland Cypress: Stately and beautiful, sadly the tree has a weak root system, making it unstable in storms.

Greedy Trees Steal from Others

Norway Maple: Some trees absorb all the water and nutrients from the soil before nearby plants can get at them. This type of maple is very greedy, but it provides great shade.

Quaking Aspen: Also taking in all the nutrients around it, this tree, although stunningly beautiful, weighs more when its root system sucks up its nutrients.

Infestation and Disease-Susceptible Trees

Washington Hawthorne: Susceptible to cedar apple rust disease.

Linden, Mimosa, And Mulberry: These lovely trees attract aphids, worms, or other insects. Infestations may be fairly serious.

Trees Whose Fruits Pose A Cleaning Problem

When a fruit falls off a tree and hits the ground, it can create a big mess. Plus, some fruit are sticky, thorny, and attract wildlife and insects. Either way, the homeowner must clean it up, which could be difficult and time consuming. Three trees whose fruit result in the most hassles are:

  • Persimmon
  • Black Walnut
  • Sweetgum

If you’ve bought a home with any of these trees in the yard, be on the lookout for weak branches that fall during storms, which can cause damage. Contact Keil Tree Services for tree removal in Glencoe, Timonium, Towson and beyond.