If you suspect that you have a dead or dying tree, it is time to call in a professional. Keil Tree Experts provides tree removal in Lutherville and the surrounding area. The decision to remove a tree can be difficult for numerous reasons. You may have an emotional tie to the tree, especially if you were the one to plant it. There are also costs to consider when it comes to removing a tree properly.

However, it is important to remove a dead or dying tree as they can often become dangerous. The tree may be dying due to an infestation of insects that you do not want to spread to other plant life on your property. Dead branches can fall onto people or your property. Or, a weak tree could be knocked over in a wind storm and endanger your family or house.

How to Identify a Dying Tree

The first step is to determine if your tree is already dead or is dying. There are several factors to consider. If 50% or more of the tree is damaged, it is best to remove the tree. It may take a few more years to die but this tree is already on the decline and is going to continue to visually deteriorate.

Check for significant damage to the trunk. A sign of damage is “vertical cracks, seams, dead branch stubs and large, older wounds that suggest internal decay.” If 25% or more of the circumference of the trunk is damaged, it is considered significant enough for removal. Some healthy trees have hollow trunks. However, the general rule is that you remove a tree if at least one-third of the interior of the tree is damaged or hollow.

Large, dead branches are a hazard as they can fall on people or your home. If all the dead branches are on one side of the tree, this can cause the tree to tilt and become potentially hazardous. A leaning tree is an indicator of weak or breaking roots. Any tree leaning more than 15% from vertical should be removed.

Consider the surroundings and the environment of the tree. Is there a foreign fungus growing on the tree? Do power lines run above the tree? Is there enough room for the tree to continue growing, or is it too close to your roof, your property or other trees on your property?

Our Wide Range of Services Include Tree Removal in Lutherville

If you are searching for tree removal services in Lutherville, or the surrounding area, consider the tree removal experts at Keil Tree Experts. We have been in business for over 35 years and provide top quality service at a very reasonable price.

In addition to tree removal, we offer many residential and commercial tree services. Our trained arborists offer tree pruning. This includes young tree training to ensure your tree grows into a visually appealing form. Additionally, we offer safety pruning to remove large and dangerous branches. Lastly, we offer stump removal, direct root fertilization and more.

At Keil Tree Experts, we value our customers. We provide full assessments before any work is done, and continuously update the client during the entire tree servicing process. Contact us today for a free estimate.