Providing shade on hot summer days, shelter to animals during heavy rain, and endless hours of fun, trees are a big part of life on planet earth. Unfortunately, trees don’t live forever and may need to be taken down. When you need to call a tree service in Baltimore for a dead or dying tree, discover Keil Tree Experts.

How to Tell If You Have a Dead or Dying Tree

A dead or dying tree is one reason you may need to have a tree service in Baltimore remove the tree. There are several signs to look for when you are pondering whether it is time to call a professional to remove the tree. These signs are:

  • Dead branches on one side of the tree
  • The tree is hollow
  • Significant trunk damage
  • More than 50% of the tree is damaged
  • You see fungus or trunk rot

The University of Maryland advises that if the damaged area is less than a quarter of the trunk circumference, then the damage will likely heal over and there should be no permanent injury. Additionally, note that mushrooms growing under the tree are not always a sign of root diseases. However, mushrooms growing on the tree itself is typically an indication of internal rotting.

Tree Service in Baltimore: Keil Tree Experts

There are many reasons why it is important to remove a damaged tree. First, is the appearance of the tree and potential to bring down property value. The other reasons have to do with safety. Dead branches can fall from the tree and injure people and pets, as well as damage property.

When it is time to call a tree service in Baltimore to remove a tree from your property, you can count on Keil Tree Experts to get the job done safely. Contact us today for a free estimate on your tree removal needs or any of our other residential and commercial tree services.