Now that the holiday decorations, including trees, flowers, and lights, are out of the way, you can spend a little time thinking about the health of your ‘normal’ trees. Even when it’s cold (or especially when it’s cold), you should keep winter tree care in mind to make sure they last until the springtime.

Some Easy Steps Toward Winter Tree Care

“While it may seem like the spring, summer and fall seasons are the best time of year to perform tree care inspections, the winter season is also a great time to examine the health and stability of a tree.” If there isn’t snow outside, then it’s perfectly safe and easy to take a walk around and to look at the state of things.

Naturally, if there is a problem with one or more of your trees, then you want to catch it early to avoid things like fall damage. If you notice trees leaning, branches dangling, or bark damage (among other things), then take note of it and contact a professional in order to have the issue attended to. You don’t want to wait for anything to fall over before taking action!

Winter tree care can actually be easier on arborists because the usually-lush canopy isn’t obstructing their view. The workers can take a peek in and around the tree with ease, since there are less, or no, leafy branches to block the way. If there has been any insect damage, then the damage they caused, or signs they left behind, will also be more visible to the trained eye that is searching for them. Though the bugs themselves might be dormant at the moment, they usually leave a trail that pros will be able to uncover.

Of course, winter weather is one of the larger causes of issues to greenery during this season. Snow and ice can crack the trunk and branches causing the above-mentioned damage, and the temperature itself is enough to kill off younger, unprotected trees. It’s a little late for fall maintenance and preparation, but you can still take action during the winter in order to best prep your trees for the spring.

Put simply, you should keep an eye on trees in your yard no matter what time of year it is. If you want to call on a professional who can help you with winter tree care, then visit our contact page to inquire about our services and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We are confident that we will exceed your expectations. If you are looking for a professional arborist who can handle a tree service in Baltimore, Maryland, then get in touch with Keil Tree Experts and we will send one of our arborists out to your property to assess your needs.