Winter is a great time to take down a diseased or dying tree for many reasons. Empty branches make it easier for the arborist to properly diagnose the tree. Plus, removing empty branches mean no leaves, so less of a mess to clean up. If you need winter tree removal in Hereford MD, or elsewhere in Baltimore County, look no further! Keil Tree Experts have you covered.

Benefits of Winter Tree Removal and Pruning

Prevents Further Damage: If a diseased or dying tree is covered in snow, the added weight can lead to the collapse of the tree. Removing or pruning the tree prevents potential major damage from a tree falling on your house or property.

Less Bacteria and Disease: Because many bacteria are dead or dormant during winter months, pruning and removal in the winter lessens the chance of spreading diseases to other trees. Additionally, trees generally do not attract insects during the winter months, so insects won’t move to your healthy trees.

Safer Time for Tree Removal: During cooler weather, it is safer to remove trees. We find that there aren’t as many people outside and near the area where the tree removal will be taking place.

Surrounding Greenery Won’t be Harmed: There won’t be damage to any plants or the garden area surrounding the tree since they are not blooming during winter

Improves Growth: Removing dead or dying limbs from a tree during winter promotes new growth. By the time spring arrives you’ll see improved growth and a fuller tree.

Keil Tree Experts: Tree Removal in Hereford MD

If you need tree trimming or tree removal this winter, don’t hesitate to contact Keil Tree Experts for a free estimate. We have over 35 years of experience and offer other residential and commercial services. Our experts can help with insect and disease management, direct root fertilization, and fruit pruning.