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We specialize in tree removal, handling everything from large, hazardous trees to smaller ones with precision and expertise.

Baltimore County, Maryland’s Tree Removal Experts

Family Owned and Operated for More than 35 Years

Keil Tree Experts has striven for over 35 years to be a leader in the tree care industry. Servicing both homeowners and commercial properties in Baltimore County and the surrounding areas. Tree removals, pruning and treatments for the control of diseases and insects that are harmful to trees and shrubs is our specialty. We are able to provide service from the very largest trees to small ornamental trees.

Keil Tree Experts Professional Tree Services

Our experienced team offers expert tree services for both commercial and residential needs

Tree Pruning

Pruning is the removal of specific limbs/branches to benefit the whole tree. We have 8 trained arborists on staff that are experienced with the proper techniques to prune shade trees, ornamental trees, fruit trees and shrubs.

Insect and Disease Management

Our expert treatments effectively control a wide range of insects, ensuring a healthy and thriving environment.

Stump Removal

After tree or shrub removal, our stump grinding service removes stumps and surface roots up to 18 inches below grade, clearing the way for planting grass, flowers, or small trees.

Direct Root Fertilizing

Direct root fertilizing injects fertilizer from the base to the drip line, boosting growth and bolstering the plant’s defenses against pests, diseases, and damage.

Bucket Truck Servicing

The main tree pruning/removal methods are climbing and using aerial lifts or bucket trucks. Lifts are safe for dangerous trees; climbing is for compromised or storm-damaged ones.

No project is too big or too small for our Tree Experts

We know the importance of trees in our environment. They do far more than provide shade. Keil Tree Experts lives up to their name and provides excellent tree care through tree and hedge pruning, spraying for insects and disease, and cabling/bracing. Preservation of trees is our business, however, the safety of the people living around these trees are our primary goal. Keil Tree Experts can also provide tree and stump removal when necessary.
Keil Tree Experts, Inc. has reasonable pricing for the high level of quality their work is based on. We not only get the job done, but we are sure to leave your property beautifully maintained. Keil has 35 years of experience in tree maintenance and loves to care for the environment while beautifying neighborhoods. Let Keil Tree Experts be your dependable source for tree services.

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